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Qaqish House

The house is dated 1863.

Its owners renovated it in 1989.

The building was used for housing purposes, it has been granted to As-Salt Greater Municipality to be used as a head quarter for As-Salt old city development projects.

Qaqish house, which is one of the important heritages building in As-Salt, was donated by its owners (Eid Qaqish Sons) to be used for As-Salt center development purposes. Since ASCD project aims to reserve and shed light on the heritage context of As-Salt, Qaqish house has been dedicated to ASCD project management building. Its style, restoration and. spaces satisfy requirements of the project management unit.

Qaqish House was built in 1875-1890. In 198) Qaqish sons restored it, some foundlings indicate that the building was started to be constructed in the 17th century. Later some additions were constructed to serve Qaqish extended family. The building was vacant for about 15 years, in 2006 it was donated to ASGM, who will keep Qaqish House as one of the golden landmarks in As-Salt.